Monday, April 8, 2013

Rounding Up Winter! Ready for Spring!

Lots of fun at Winterfest:
Brisco counting his books before bed:
When Papa babysits, nap-time is so much fun!  Brisco slept with lights on, clutching his milk and books. 
Brisco and Aunt Katie playing letters:
Date with Mommy to The Henry Ford:
Valentine's Day at school: 
Brisco "reading" Thomas: 
Spelling "cat" with Daddy: 
Brisco loves riding in the big cart at Lowe's.  He's been spending lots of time there, as we're finishing our upstairs rennovation!
Warning:  This video is not for those with a weak stomach!  Brisco describes how his bath animals "squish their poo-poo out".  I had to post this!  I'm sure I'll be able to really embarass him some day! 
More Henry Ford fun: 
This little buddy is becoming quite the Thomas fan!