Saturday, September 18, 2010

Arkansas Family 2010

Here are some more pics of Brisco with his Arkansas family!
Girl cousins!  Lydia, Brisco, and Eden
Granna and Brisco
Brisco loved snuggling with Grandmother!
Brisco got lots of love from JoJo.
Snoozing with PawPaw and Nancy
All the cousins were together for the first time!
Showing off his blue jean diaper!
Brisco borrowed Lydia's bathtub.  We had lots of help during bath time.
Aunt D loved on Brisco.
Lydia had to warm-up.  She wasn't sure who that was in her old bouncy seat!
August Birthdays: Amy, Ava, and Daddy
Grandmother made this cowboy quilt.  According to Grandmother:  "It's just a bunch of scraps!"
  I LOVE it.  So precious!
Fun with Brian.
Hanging with Daddy, Uncle Mike, and Eden
Playing with PawPaw's Ipad
Meeting Uncle Craig for the very first time!
Daddy time
Playing with Ava, Grandmother, and Amy
Ava turned 1!
We loved visiting with Cannon!
It was very special that Brisco got to meet Aunt Madelyn and Mr. Buel.
The mommy's and daddy's got to go out to dinner while Granna and Gigi babysat.  
We loved the adult interaction!
We had the best trip!  It was so fun visiting with everyone!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Woo Pig Sooie!!!

It has been a while since we've blogged!  With school starting, I imagine posts will be fewer and farther between!

Brisco had a bast on his second trip to Arkansas. (His first trip was in his mommy's tummy.)

Some fun family pics:
Brisco looks so sweet in his Razorback onesie.
My three guys in front of Granna and Gigi's house.
We almost got everyone looking at the camera!

But first we had to get there!  Brisco did great in the car (most of the way).  It seems that the bumpy road (thank you, I-75) really helped him sleep.

Brisco in Michigan.
Brisco in Ohio.
Brisco in Kentucky
Brisco in Tennessee.  He loved watching his fish tank while we drove.
Daddy and Gordie rode up front.
Gordie loved having the front seat to himself. 

We finally made it!  Brisco loved Gigi and Granna's new waterfall.  He loved the soothing sounds.  I'm definitely getting a much smaller version for his nursery! 
Coming soon (I hope):  More pics of all the family and friends Brisco got to meet!