Monday, May 17, 2010

2 Week Pics

Early one morning, Brisco's eyes were wide open.  Matt snapped some precious pics!

His First Month

Hi All!  It has been a while.  We're so sorry for taking so long to update our blog.  We've been enjoying our special time with our new little guy.  He's so precious, and he's already turning 1 month old this week!  Time flies!  Below are a bunch of fun pics from our first month together.  We hope you enjoy these shots as much as we do!

WEEK 1 - Still at the hospital...
with Gamma and Papa John
with Aunt Katie
with Great-Grandma Bonbrisco and Papa John
with Aunt Paula
with Aunt Joann and Uncle Gil
Finally heading home!  Daddy's swinging Brisco to help him get used to his first time in the car seat.  He wasn't a fan of being strapped in!
At home...meeting lots of new friends and family
with Aunt Sandy
with Cousin Bryan
with Aunt Molly
Meeting Cousin Alina.  These two are precious together!
Alina is my cousin's (Bill) little girl.  She's five months old.  So adorable!
The Grandmas with the babies
Meeting best new buddy, Baby Andrew
Chilling with Mommy.  I love to be held!!!
Wearing my sweet outfit that Mary made me!
He's loving his Fisher Price Zen swing.  Notice Daddy mowing in the background!
First visit with Doctor Kroll:

WEEK 2 - Fun at home with my visitors!
Matt's mom and sister came to stay for a few days.  It was so fun having them visit!  They were such a help to Mommy and Daddy!!!
Aunt Katie ordered a stork for our lawn.  The neighbors just loved it!
Trying some tummy time.  He's not too sure about it...neither is Gordie!
Still getting sponge baths.  Hopefully that umbilical cord falls off real soon!
Special time with Granna
Stroller time...
I'm thinking real hard!
Cool-guy shades...just like Daddy's
I love my Bugaboo!
Tummy-time with Daddy...

WEEK 3 - Happy Mother's Day!

Baby Brisco's Church Dedication on Mother's Day...
Yippeeee!  My umbilical cord finally fell off!  Now I can have a proper bath!
Jim and Lisa's Baby Shower...super cute dalmation outfit from Christina
Great-Gramps Thompson is home from Florida!
First meeting with Gramps, Alina, and Brisco