Saturday, March 27, 2010

He's coming in 2 weeks!

What happened to the cute pregnant girl?  This girls is feeling huge, heavy, stretched-out, and cranky!  And why aren't my shoes fitting!?!?!

Christina is such a spoiler!  She got me this beautiful, aqua COACH diaper bag!  It's so gorgeous!!!  What's Matt going to use when he's out-and-about with the boy?

Daddy and Papa John are still working upstairs, so our first floor looks like Buy Buy Baby threw-up everywhere!  We are definitely getting set-up, though!  We can't wait to move upstairs!

Shower with Students

Ok...this is it...I promise...our last shower!  Last week, we were showered by my students.  Isn't that amazing?  A group of parents organized a lunch pizza party to shower Baby Brisco.  Most of my students were able to attend.  We enjoyed pizza, cupcakes (made by Gamma), and a very special art project to celebrate Baby Brisco's upcoming arrival!

Baby Brisco's high chair from all of Mrs. Rainbolt's students...
Crowding around the special, secret art project...
It's a rocking chair for our little guy!  It has each student's thumb print with their name.  The mom's converted the thumb prints into little bugs and animals decorating the rocking chair.  It is truly a cherished gift!

Shower at City K

As if we could be blessed by our wonderful friends and family any more, we had another shower at our most favorite restaurant in the whole, wide world...City Kitchen.  The Executive Chef is Ryan Warren (Steph's husband).  He is a miracle-worker with food and everyone absolutely raved (and is still raving) about the phenomenal lunch.

We have Auntie Katie and Auntie Molly to thank for this shower.  Can you imagine two girls in their twenties planning and paying for a shower like this?  I am so proud of my sisters!  Gamma helped out so much, too.  The cake from Gamma and Papa John was amazing.  So were the decorations.  Thank you, Family!

The party room at City Kitchen is so beautiful!

Maximo got to come with Mommy!

This is me freaking out at the TWO timi & leslie diaper bags from Mrs. Halso and Tracy.  The black bag is to take to work, professional, it even holds a lap-top!  The beautiful bronze bag is to wear for girlie fun!  Mrs. Halso and Tracy really understand my philosophy that all mommies should carry beautiful diaper bags.
Baby Brisco's horsie from Lisa and Bryan.  It even neighs!!!

Baby Brisco's rocking chair from Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jeanne...
Christina had some of our pics framed.  They are so beautiful!
It was so fun that the girlfriends got to come!
Baby Brisco's bassinet from Aunt Lori, Jane, Natalie and Alina...
The boy's exersaucer from Holly, Yvette, and Kim...
Baby bath/shower from Great-Grandma B...
The swing from Mrs. Trombly and Michael...

Maternity Pics

After the shower, Brooke took us aside and got some pics of us together.  They came out so beautiful.  No tummy shots, though...we were in church! 
I love Matt's face in this pic!

Isn't he the most handsome man in the whole world?!?!?!?!?!

Showering Baby Brisco

It has been so long since I've updated our blog!  I had to take a quick side-bar to help save our school district's reading program!  No doubt about it, times are tough for everyone.  But can you imagine cutting a reading program?  So illogical!  Ok, enough about that...

Our church shower was a blast.  So many people came, even though it was right after a snow storm.  Christina hired a good friend of hers, Brooke, to take pics at the shower.  She does such an amazing job!  Thank you Christina and Brooke!

The theme was "cowboy".  In the background is one of Aunt Carol's handmade dolls sitting on Mrs. Trombly's son's (neighbor) vintage John Deere tractor. 
Cute cowboy boots...
Christina and me by the beautiful cake table
Mrs. Jan made her amazing cakes for the party.
Mom had these sweet napkins printed.
The table arrangements were also so sweet!
All the aunts were able to make it.  Even Dria was in town!
Better view of Aunt Carol's doll...
Much better view of the delicious desserts...
Such yummy food.  Mom and Dad make the best pickles!  Ryan (Steph's husband) and many friends from church did the food.  Thank you, Everyone!  It was such a delicious meal!
Mrs. Jan and Miss. Rhonda made the cakes.  Thank you, Ladies!
The whole fam in front of the presents...

Clothes Pin Gift - We loved this!  The Simpson Ladies pinned such cute, soft baby outfits onto a clothes line.  It made for the cutest gift!

Rockin' Ed Hardy t-shirt from Aunt Katie and Molly.  Gamma's not too into it!
We almost bought this blue, smocked outfit in Arkansas.  Tammy sent it from Nashville.  Thank you, Tammy!  You read our minds!
Lots of beautiful gifts from our wonderful friends at Roseville Church.
Two of Brisco's beautiful aunts...