Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We're so thankful to God for our loving family and our healthy little guy.  Brisco had his 6-month appointment recently (even though he's 7 months now...we're a little behind).  He sure is growing!

Weight:  20 lbs
(92nd percentile)
Height:  28.25 in
(above the 99th percentile...Dr. Kroll says Brisco is "off the charts" in height)
Head Circumference:  18 in
(96th percentile)
Brisco at 6 months:
Brisco at 6 days:
Look at how he has changed!
 We're very thankful to my sister's and their dudes for watching Brisco for us.  It makes it so much easier when Matt and I need to run some baby-free errands.
 Brisco helped Daddy carry the brownies after our church potluck. 
 Gordie liked the way those brownies smelled.  I think Brisco would have shared.
 Sneaky're too young for chocolate!
On Thanksgiving, we had brunch at our house.  Alina came! 
Alina's 1st birthday party is coming up!
These two had lots of fun playing together!
 Alina liked Brisco's "boy toys"!
 Then we went to Aunt Sandy's for dinner.  Brisco joined the party in his pj's. 
 Gamma and Papa John had to show Brisco off to everyone!
 Brisco had tons of fun visiting with Bear and Cami.  We were so happy they were here from Denver!
After a nice visit with Bear, Cami, and the rest of the family, Brisco went to bed in Bryan's room.  Thanks for letting us borrow your room, Bryan!  We had to get him up around 11pm to take him home.  We were nervous and didn't think he'd sleep well, but he did great!  I think this year, we're mostly thankful that we have such a great little sleeper! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3rd Halloween Costume

Brisco had lots of costumes this year.  He was a lion, a pumpkin, and a cowboy.  He made the cutest cowboy ever!
 My cousin's, Lisa and Bryan, gave Brisco this horse at his baby shower.  It neighs and gallops.  It's the first time we got it out for him, and he loved it!
 He's almost ready to sit up on it on his own.
 My other cousins, Bear and Cami, bought him the chaps and the suspenders.  He looked like he was straight out of the wild, wild west!
 Such a cutie!
Brisco fell asleep before any trick-or-treaters came.  I have a feeling Daddy will be walking door-to-door with him next year, though!  We had a great 1st Halloween with our little guy!

Baby's 1st Halloween

Our little pumpkin
Frankenstein Baby!
 A very scary lion
 Red cheeks...that costume is hot!

 Celebrating Papa John's birthday
 Brisco came to school to celebrate Halloween with Mommy's students.
 Mommy and all the teachers were a hippies.  Peace!
 Brisco was a scary (and warm) lion.  Roar!
 He marched in the parade.
 Time to carve pumpkins!
Katie and Zach did jack-o-laterns.
Daddy carved a "B" for Brisco.
Molly worked very hard to carve an Edward Cullen pumpkin!