Monday, July 26, 2010

Playtime Pics

We got some great Mommy-Brisco pics before church one Sunday.
Smiley time in the Nap-Nanny
Reading with Aunt Katie
Trying out his high chair for the first time
First morning after a night without swaddling...
We're still working on sleeping without being swaddled!
Playtime with Daddy
Look at those powerful legs!  Soccer or tennis?  We're still not sure!  Maybe both!
Drooley boy
I love these tummy-time pics!  His head looks so distorted in the mirror.  It's hilarious!
I'm getting really strong!
Smiley boy!
First time in the Exersaucer.  He's not sure about it just yet!

Shark Boy

We have been having lots of fun swimming at the Halso's pool.  Thanks to Bob and Cathie for having us!

Jane bought Brisco his first float-boat.  He has so much fun floating around the pool!
He finally got pooped out...
Back in the water...
Swimming with Aunt Katie...

My new favorite picture.  I love these boys!
Abbey and Molly were in town from Nashville.  We loved swimming with them and their Papa John!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Angel Baby

We caught him in a happy mood one morning and we took advantage!  These are some pictures I will always cherish!  Great job, Daddy!
You'll find that there are a million shots in the same pose, but I had to show-off Matt's editing skills.  He's really doing a great job!
This is my favorite pose ever!  Sorry, there's like a million shots like this, but I just love this one!
I'm ready to enter him in Glitz Pageants (like on Toddlers 'n Tiaras).  Matt thinks I'm totally crazy!
Brisco's fav pose:  tongue out!