Wednesday, February 10, 2010

31 weeks and counting!

There's definitely an active little guy in there!  

Congratulations to Ryan and Stephanie!

Our close friends, Stephanie and Ryan were married on February 6, 2010.  From the bachelor/bachelorette parties to the wedding, we all had a blast!  We're so happy for you, Steph and Ryan!
Katie, Molly, Mom, and I made purple and pink cupcakes for Steph's bachelorette party.
At City food in town!
The bridesmaids, flower girl, and the bride
Steph looks gorgeous!
Somehow Matt and Katie got this dress to zip...
Such fun girls!
Mr. Slomski looks so handsome!
The flower girl, Baby Abby, turned 1 that very day!
Steph's flowers were so beautiful!
Look at that cake!
The first dance...
These two were kissing all night!
Our table could not hold back the tears when Steph was dancing with her dad.
It was great to be with so many out-of-town friends...Sarah, Jenny, and Kristen.
Let the fun begin!
Matt was seriously out-of-control on the dance floor!
Yep...that's him on the floor!
It was the best day, but I was definitely ready for some cozy pajamas!

A Double-Baby-Boy-Baby-Shower

The wonderful teachers at Richard Elementary hosted a double-baby-boy-baby-shower for my friend, Holly, and me.  Holly teaches 1st grade at our school.  Her little guy is coming around March 11th, and my little guy is coming around April 12th.  Our due dates are so close, and this is the first baby for both of us.  We even have the same doctor!  It has been so fun experiencing pregnancy for the first time along with Holly!
We are so blessed to be members of the generous family at Richard!  
Our beautiful quilts from supreme sewing artist, Mrs. Swartz (5th grade teacher).
Such a sweet, yummy cake!
Kathleen, Karen, Yvette, Nancy, and Anne enjoying the delicious lunch!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lots of Blankets!

Our cousin, David Naysmith, would have turned 40 years old in January of this year.  Aunt Sandy found a great organization that sends fleece blankets to wounded American soldiers.  We spent a Saturday afternoon making 10 fleece blankets to send to the soldiers.  Aunt Sandy and Lisa picked beautiful Americana prints.  We had so much fun!