Monday, December 31, 2012

Summer Arkansas Family Fun!

This past trip to Arkansas was completely WILD!  The cousins went nuts!  We all had so much fun.  After the trip, Matt and I noticed that we had very few pictures with the adults.  Most of our pics are kid-pics!
Lots and lots of sprinkler fun!
Beautiful patio!
Ring Around the Rosy!
PawPaw made Brisco a cherished heirloom.  Of course, it's a train!
Jack Henry is bigger!
Fun with Grandmother:
Learning to sew:
Time to say "see ya later!"
On the way home, we stopped at the birthplace of Casey Jones!  Brisco loved all of the trains!
We had such a great trip!

Spring Fun

There's always something fun going on at the G.P. War Memorial.  Brisco loved when the traveling petting zoo came to town!

Choo-Choo...Brisco's 2 (B-day Party #2)

Brisco really is a "train boy".  Mama had a GREAT IDEA to "invite" a train to Brisco's second birthday party.  As everyone can imagine, Daddy wasn't sure it was such a great idea.  During the party planning process, we had many, many discussions about "inviting" a train.
Then Gamma and Papa had a great idea!  They would "invite" the train as Brisco's birthday present!  This gave Gamma and Papa much joy - AND - Mama was super excited - AND - Daddy tolerated the idea (secretly I think Daddy was excited, too).  When the train arrived, BRISCO WAS THRILLED!  This party is one of our favorite family memories.  I'm so happy we "went a little nuts!
After about 5-6 trainrides, Brisco started to tucker-out a bit.  It was overwhelming for him!
And by the time he got to ride with Daddy, he was zoning-out a bit!
So glad we got our trainrides in before the major thunderstorm came through!  We always experience a shower or two when we plan outdoor birthday parties for Brisco.
Even with the rain, our friends had fun playing inside!