Monday, January 24, 2011

1st Annual Ping Pong Tournament

 Katie dog-sits for our best friends, The Halso's.  They have an amazing set-up in their basement, complete with a ping pong table.  We've been talking forever about having a family ping pong tournament, and we finally did it!
 Brisco was the officiator.  Which didn't work out that well, because he went to sleep before the tourney even started!
 But first he got some play time in with his daddy.
They enjoyed lots of swinging around...
 and giggling.
 Then it was time for 1st round play.  Gamma played Zach.  Zach took that match 12-10.
Every match ended with a friendly handshake.  We have great sportsmanship in our family!
Then Aunt Katie and Aunt Molly played.  Auntie Katie won that match 12-10.
 There was lots of giggling going on during that match!
Then Daddy played Papa John.  It was pretty intense, but Papa John won 11-7.
 Then I played Jake, and he really brought his best game!  I lost 11-8!  Boo!
 Our draw after the first round:
And prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd:
(hand cream, a slinky, and Dove chocolates)
In the first round of the semi-finals, Katie played Zach.  There was lots of tension during that love match!
Katie prevailed!  She beat Zach 12-10.
Then Jake beat Papa John in the second round of the semi-finals (11-8).
The finals were pretty intense.  Jake and Katie really showed us their ping pong skills.
Jake was our champion!  He won 11-7.  Congrats, Jake!
Jake chose first...hand cream (because that's what Molly wanted).
Katie chose Dove chocolates...yum (she shared with all of us).
The champs:
Papa John and Zach played for 3rd place.  Papa John won the slinky, which he donated to Brisco's growing toy collection!
Then we played a Doubles Round Robin:
What a great party!  Thank you to the Halso's for being the best "second family" to all of us.  We love you so much!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby's Surgery

Brisco had an exciting trip to St. John's Hospital this week.  Since he was born, we knew he might need to have a small procedure performed when he got older.  Brisco had a left Orchiopexy performed to repair his undescended left testicle.  Before surgery, he played with Daddy and Little Scout.  Little Scout actually got to go into surgery with Brisco!
We arrived at the hospital at 7:30 am.  Brisco also played with his keys.  He didn't seem too aware that something was going on.
These pictures aren't great because we used our phones.  Aunt Molly and Papa John entertained Brisco while we waited for the Nurse Anesthetist to come and take him.  That was very sad, but Brisco was so brave.
The surgery took a little over an hour.  Dr. Reitelman came out and told us that it was a success!  Brisco will have 2 fully functioning testicles.  Yipppeeeee!  They discovered that Brisco also had a hernia, so they repaired it during the surgery as well.  We'll be seeing the doctor soon to have Brisco's stitches removed.  Until then, no baths and lots of rest and relaxation.  Mommy and Daddy got to be there when they wheeled him back to recovery.  He was fussy, confused, and very hungry!
Brisco slept off the anesthesia while the nice nurses monitored him.  He had them very charmed!  He looked cute in his hospital gown, but we decided peach isn't his color.  Mommy and Daddy held Brisco for a very long time.  His voice was hoarse from being intubated.  His cry sounded so pitiful!  Even though we knew it was a minor procedure, we were still very worried about him!
It's time to go home!  After a few hours of monitoring Brisco, we got to put him back into his pajamas and take him home.  
Before we left, they showed us his incision and stitches.  We'll only show pictures of the incision, because the stitches are in a very private place.
Sweet little baby
We noticed lots of bruising on day 2, but he didn't seem too uncomfortable.
Mommy and Daddy change Brisco's diapers very, very carefully.
After we got home from the hospital, we did lots and lots of cuddling.  I was so blessed to be able to stay home with Brisco for the entire week!
It took a while for the anesthesia to wear off.
Ok, Daddy, that's enough pictures!
Gamma couldn't resist coming over to cuddle Brisco, too!
We tried to keep him from moving around too much, but Brisco was getting antsy by the end of the first day.
For the first time at our house, we tried some TV to see if Brisco would lie still.  We started with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Daddy watched, too.
Brisco was more interested in puffs.
We tried again later.
Clubhouse was alright, but we soon discovered Brisco loves American Idol, especially Ms. Jennifer Lopez!  Every time she came on camera, Brisco turned to watch her!  It was hilarious!  His daddy thinks he has good taste, and he's thinking about getting Brisco a J-Lo poster for his 1st birthday.
He also enjoyed watching the people who didn't sing all that well, just like his daddy.
After a diet of milk only, he was ready for some food!
When we checked-out of the hospital, Brisco got to choose a stuffed animal.  He picked a jellyfish!
By days 2 and 3, Brisco was definitely ready to start playing.  We got some cute close-ups!
 Puffs are becoming his new favorite thing.  We were very excited when he finally got his aim down, and he was able to start eating them on his own.  What a big boy!
Brisco won't be able to play in straddle-type toys for a few weeks, so we converted his Exersaucer to a table.  He loves it...
 especially when we sprinkle puffs on it.
 He pulls himself up and stands all by himself.
After several days, he was ready for an outing to Partridge Creek...
but Michigan is very cold this time of year!
More playtime pictures
Standing up strong
Gordie likes to stand behind him in case he falls...and in case he drops a puff!
We're so proud of Brisco and the way he bounced-back from his procedure.  He's one tough little guy!