Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our 1st Family Portraits

I got a very big surprise this Christmas!  Way back when Brisco was born, we had some portraits made at the hospital.  A photographer came to our room and took pictures.  During the whole process, we were more annoyed than anything, so we didn't bother to order any pictures.  After we had been home for a while, I finally logged onto the website and found that I really loved some of those first pics.  Matt was a little grouchy about it, claiming the pics had lots of shadows and it wasn't really worth purchasing the cd of images.
The day after Christmas, a package came for Mommy.  Inside was a beautiful portrait from the hospital!  Matt had bought the cd without me knowing!  
Brisco was 2 days old when the pictures were taken.  Matt did tons of editing.  The image was pretty rough.  We were actually sitting in the hospital bed!
These are some of the other pictures.  They definitely need some editing but I love them all the same!
This is my favorite of Matt with Brisco.  I love how they're noses are touching!
 This is the rough image of the portrait Matt edited.  He did an amazing job!
Here's a picture of the portrait he had made.  It's a beautiful wrap-around canvas.
Right now it's hanging on the wall in the living room for all to see.  I think we might eventually move it into our bedroom. 
 Some other images...Brisco was so pink when he was born!  I'm still looking a little c-section-ish.  Luckily that yellow skin color went away!
Sweet, brand-new baby boy!
We used the blanket, crocheted with love by Grandmother, for our background.

Santa Suit

Brisco had big fun on Christmas morning.
He wore his Santa suit that Gamma found for him.
He had a Santa hat and Santa slippers.
I love all of these smiley pics.  He definitely knew something was up!
Since his aunts were so excited to watch Brisco open presents, we opened one early.  He got a Leapfrog laptop from Uncle Mike, Aunt Leanne, and Eden.
Brisco with all of his gifts.
He is one loved little boy!  Presents came from all over the United States!
One of our most cherished gifts is a copy of Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Brisco's Granna recorded the book.  When we open it, we hear her read each page.  
Brisco stared so intently while he listened to Granna reading the story.
Then he was ready for more presents!
He still wanted to keep going back to his laptop, though.  I wonder if he'll be into electronics as much as his daddy!
Another special gift is Brisco's blanket from Nana.  She crocheted it just for him.  I love the colors!
He still wants that laptop, though!
We had a wonderful Christmas morning!  After we opened presents, Brisco was ready for his morning nap.  We had a huge, yummy breakfast with Katie, Zach, Molly, and Jake.  Then the aunts went their separate ways to spend time with the boyfriend's families.  Matt, Brisco, Gordie, Bentley, and I enjoyed the rest of Christmas day as a quiet, little family.  We are so blessed!

More December Adventures

Here are some fun pics from our December adventures!
 Aunt Katie and Aunt Molly got Brisco his Puma track suit.
 His daddy is ready to sign him up for soccer!
Grandmother made Brisco his blue baby hat. 
It's one of the only hats that still fits.  His head is so big!
Such a sweetie!
This month, Brisco tried some mashed banana in his feeding net. 
He loves it!  It took him a few tries to get the hang of it.  Matt and I were holding it up to his mouth for him.  Now he does it all by himself!  Such a big boy!
Alina turned 1 in December.  Brisco and I got a picture with Alina and her daddy (my cousin, Billy).
She sure enjoyed her birthday cake!
She also loved her play kitchen from The Rainbolt's, The Bonbrisco's, and Great-Grandpa Thompson.
We love having Lynnette home for visits!  I got to sneak a picture with Baby Domenic.  He's getting so big!  Christina's holding Brisco in the background and he did not like what was going on: "Why is my mommy holding another baby?"  This month definitely marked the beginning of his I'm-not-so-sure-about-strangers-stage.
All the daddy's with their little boys.  We need more baby girls!  We wonder what Christina and Jhonny are having!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sad Santa

Brisco was not too impressed with Santa this time around.  Hopefully next time will be better!
We went to visit the Santa at the Somerset Collection.  When we arrived, they told us Santa was completely booked for the entire evening!
Mommy nearly burst into tears.  "But it's my baby's 1st Christmas," she blubbered.  A very kind elf heard Mommy's cries, and told us that we could see Santa if we promised to be quick.  We didn't even have to wait in line.  We were going to be next!
Judging by these pictures, you can tell we were very quick!  
Brisco didn't get a chance to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas because he was so hysterical.  It's a good thing Santa already knows!
Santa was a great sport about it, and he told Brisco that he likes their matching hats!
Elf on the Shelf
I'm certain everyone knows what an Elf on the Shelf is by now.  They are so popular this year.  Our elf came in the mail all the way from Searcy, Arkansas (Our thanks to the House Family!).  After searching for elf names on the internet, we learned that "Brisco Rainbolt" translates to "Nipper Floppy-Feet" in Christmas Elf Language.  We've been calling our elf "Nipper" for short.
Nipper has been very busy at our house.  He's supposed to stay on the mantel near the Christmas tree, but we've found him all over the house.  For some reason, Nipper especially loves to torment Aunt Katie!  Nipper has been in her tea pot, her lunch bag, and her nightstand.  One day, Aunt Katie turned on her computer, and this picture was her screen saver!  Aunt Katie is a little afraid of clowns, so she doesn't really like Nipper's rosey cheeks and pointy hat.  Daddy thinks it is very funny.  It seems to me that Aunt Katie and Daddy are enjoying Nipper Floppy-Feet this year, even more than Brisco Clay.  Maybe next year Brisco will be more into it.  Aunt Katie and Daddy better watch out, though, Nipper's reporting to Santa every night!