Monday, February 14, 2011

A Crabby Valentine?

So for Valentine's Day, Matt and I noticed Brisco was a little on the crabby side.   We think those new teeth are really bothering him.  Fortunately, his daddy was able to capture one cute pic!
Side Note:  That hat is size 2T.  Our pediatrician says Brisco's really "sporting a melon" on his little neck.  
Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bigger Boy Toys

Brisco is definitely stepping-up into his bigger boy toys.
He loves his activity table, especially when we sprinkle puffs on it.
 He also loves chasing Gordie around.
 He builds castles with Daddy.
 But he cries when they fall down!  It's the sweetest thing!
Brisco just finished listened to his first chapter book, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, by Beverly Cleary.
 Matt and I have been alternating reading him a chapter during the day and a chapter at night.  He mostly plays while we read, so we're not sure if he finds the story interesting.  For Matt and I, though, it's a nice break from the Corduroy books.  :)  
 When he gets his hand on the book, he tends to try and eat it.
 Silly close-ups:
His walker also converts into a mini-four-wheeler.
 He's working on the dismount:
 Brisco hasn't been too into TV yet.  We're hoping we might be able to entertain him on our upcoming plane rides to Arkansas (in February) and Florida (in April), and so we purchased a portable DVD player.
Every now and then, Matt and I get it out and play one of his Baby Einstein or Leap Frog DVDs.  We act like we're so interested in it, hoping that he'll want to take a look.  He seems to love our cell phones and laptop, so we're thinking he'll fall for the DVD player if we pretend it's a toy for adults!  I guess you could definitely say we're trying to trick him!  :)  
 He'll typically watch for a few seconds...
 Then he'll go back to playing with his blocks!
We're hoping the DVD player will save us from annoying other passengers on the flights.  We shall see!

Big Snow Day!

Snowmageddon/Snowpocalypse came to Michigan.  The first thing Brisco wanted to do on his snow day was climb the stairs.  He navigates up pretty well!
 The night before the snow day, I promised my students that Brisco and I would do all of the "rituals" to ensure we have a snow day.  This included having Brisco sleep in his pajamas inside-out.
 Other than inside-out pajamas, the rituals also included:
1.  Putting a white crayon in the freezer
2. Flushing an ice cube down the toilet
3. Taping a penny to the window
4. Walking around the dining room table 5 times
Luckily, school was canceled before any of the other rituals took place.  The next day, I reminded my students that we probably had a snow day because Brisco slept in his pajamas inside out.  They loved it!
The next morning, we put Brisco's pajamas on the right way and played!
 Brisco loves pushing his walker around.  He kind of looks like an old man! :)
 His favorite part of the day was watching Daddy shovel snow!
 He stood and watched for 20 minutes!
 He loved pounding on the window to say "hi"!
Daddy said Brisco will be helping to shovel snow next year.
 This pic is my favorite.  Brisco's thinking:  "Momma, it looks cold out there!"
We had such a great day!

Flat Mary Ev

We received a visit from Flat Mary Evelyn all the way from Searcy, Arkansas.  Flat Mary Ev is the paper version of Brisco's cousin, Mary Evelyn.  We wanted to take Flat Mary Ev on a Michigan adventure, but the weather has not been cooperating.  We've all had colds at this Rainbolt residence, so we thought Brisco and Flat Mary Ev could do some fun indoor activities.
First, they sat in the window with Gordie Howe and watched the snow.
 Then they had some dinner.
 Brisco showed Flat Mary Ev his new favorite face.
 Bath time!
 Mary Ev ended up in the water!  Her beautiful purple colors ran a little bit, but I think she enjoyed herself overall.
Thanks for coming for a visit, Flat Mary Ev!