Monday, April 8, 2013

"Daddy's Working on the Brown Trucks"

As part of his leadership training, Matt took a huge business trip to Chicago.  He was gone for ten days!  It's definitely the longest he's been away from Brisco.  We also calculated that it was the longest we've been apart, since we were married.  We missed him so much!  So thankful for family and friends.  They kept us really busy!
Brisco was soooooo happy when Daddy came home:
This picture is real blurry, but Matt is definitely THE BEST LOOKING of all the UPSers! 
Breakfast with Grandpa Bill:
Brisco and I sent Daddy lots and lots of pics:
Of course we had a huge snow will Daddy was gone: 
Papa and Gamma took us to Disney on Ice: 
We had a little bit of play time outside: 
Brisco was so proud to take apple slices to school: